Crawley & District Model Aircraft Club

The Crawley Club (CADMAC) was formed in 1960. Today we have about 100 members. All types of models are flown, radio control, free-flight, control-line and indoor.

Club meetings are held weekly on Thursday evenings during the summer on Holy Trinity School field and during the winter on Friday evenings at the Hazelwick School Sports Hall.

In the winter CADMAC enjoys use of the Hazelwick School sports hall for a friday evening of free-flight and RC flying. We have a full schedule of slots to accommodate all types of models in a safe fashion.

In the summer Club meetings are held every Thursday evening on Holy Trinity School field (pictured below). Access to the school is via Buckswood Drive, turning into Woburn Road and then left through the school entrance and into the car park.

The majority of members have been aeromodellers for many years, so the club has a vast store of knowledge. We welcome new members, who can be assured of friendly advice and assistance.

Club Fees 2016

Club fees are CADMAC £25, plus BMFA £33, giving a total of £58.
For Juniors (under 18), CADMAC membership is free, with the BMFA fee set at £17.
BMFA affiliation is required by our Club Constitution and provides the necessary insurance cover.

Membership Renewal 2016

Download the CADMAC Membership Form (in MS Word format). Payment can be made on-line using a bank to bank transfer, or by Royal Mail and cheque if preferred. The completed form can be emailed to the Membership Secretary, or printed and sent by post.

There is a "Late Renewal Fee" of £5 if renewal is submitted after 31 January.

Membership Cards Posting Dates

The first batch of BMFA renewals have just been delivered from the BMFA, I will be posting these out to members on Monday 25 January, so expect them later this week.

I will be posting out CADMAC memberships for members who have their BMFA through other clubs and CADMAC and BMFA memberships for payments received before 15 December 2015.

Renewals are batched so the next batch (paid between 15th December and 15th January) would be expected around 3rd week of February.

For those yet to renew, remember the late renewal charge for renewals after 31 January.

The BMFA currently has no stock of the BMFA members handbook, so none will be sent to new members, this is currently in the early stages of a new revision which will be published when ready.

Terry Adams, Membership Secretary

Latest Turbulator

Many thanks to Jack Darby for producing the club newsletter, lets hope he gets lots of support and articles!

The January Turbulator 2016 is available to download here. All members who have given the Club Committee an email address should have received one already.

Provisional Thursday Contests at Holy Trinity School

RC 60 inch Electric Glider

June and July

  • Max wingspan 60 INCHES
  • Battery limited to max 360ma/hr 2-cell (7.4v) lipo

RC Bungee Launched Glider

August to end of September

  • Max wingspan 60 INCHES
  • 2 channel RC
  • Built-up balsa construction.
  • Bungee supplied by CADMAC
  • Max flying height 100 metres
  • Scoring is flight time in seconds plus extra points for spot landing
  • Best 5 scores to count

Free Flight Comps

Summer contests on Thursday Club nights for small free-flight models from 7pm to 9pm.

  • May - BMFA Dart
  • June - Catapult and Hand Launch Gliders
  • July - Rubber Scale
  • August - to be arranged

[BMFA Darts]

Wally Barnes Trophy 2015

Held on the 2 April club-night a good selection of models were entered for the Wally Barnes model building competition. The judging is carried out by all the club members present, who vote for 3 models in order of preference.

This years winner was Ron Thornhill with a fabulous Tiger Moth. Look at the cockpit detail shown above!

See the models

Multiplex Fox Conversion to RC

Terry Adams describes how to convert a simple & cheap FF glider into a potent electric RC model.

Find out how!

Ashdown FF 1st Area Meeting

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Ashdown FF 2nd Area Meeting

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See National BMFA 2nd Area results, John Oulds winner, F1H Glider

Ashdown FF 3rd Area Meeting

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See National BMFA 3rd Area results, Mike Richardson (East Grinstead) winner, Combined Rubber

Ashdown FF 4th Area Meeting

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See National BMFA 4th Area results, Alex Cameron winner, Combined Glider

Ashdown FF 5th Area Meeting

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See National BMFA 5th Area results, Alex Cameron 2nd, F1H glider

Ashdown FF 6th Area Meeting

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Ashdown FF 7th Area Meeting

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Ashdown FF 8th Area Meeting

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See National BMFA 8th Area results Crawley Glider Team win Model Engineer Cup

Get Connected

CADMAC operates a Yahoo Group called SussexModelFlying which allows information and comment to be exchanged quickly between members.

To post messages you need a Yahoo ID and then join the group.

Click to join SussexModelFlying